Your Fyling Hall family

Hello you beautiful people, your Fyling Hall family have been up to all sorts over the past couple of days. The weather has been utterly magnificent and what better way to take advantage of this than with a lovely family BBQ on the terrace, soaking in all that view. Being together as one.

So there has been plenty of dancing going on to the 90s sound of the Spice Girls.

There was a discussion about why the sky was blue with Tomas, Toby and Tim. I said it was because space is dark blue and when the sun shines on it, it goes light blue ? I know that this is totally not true. It did make us laugh! Whilst we were sitting on the terrace enjoying our BBQ, I couldn’t help but notice the seagulls above us. They looked like they were plotting. The sound of them reminds us how close we are to the seaside which is wonderful.

We made a message of love to those who work for the NHS. All of you are completely inspirational and true heroes! Justin took a photo from the roof of Main House!

Mr and Mrs Parker made the most scrumptious home made chicken nuggets, cheesy chips and garlic dip. Wowsers it was delicious. We throughly enjoyed our dinner! A race night was enjoyed in the Barn, Mr Parker had a moment of disappointment ?

Today we are going to have a Disney movie afternoon. I hope that all of you are enjoying my updates on our Fyling Hall family. Sending each and everyone of you our love and very big squeezey hugs ❤??

Miss Emma Anders, Head Matron