This Tuesday our Year 9s visited the coal mine museum in Wakefield in order to fully appreciate what life down a pit was like for men and women alike.

One of the many interesting facts that they discovered was that children, much younger than themselves, had to work alongside their parents for twelve hours a day!

The Year 9s had a great time, particularly going down 450 feet in ‘the cage’.

They were able to really envisage life in a coal mine when they crawled through tight workspaces and heard the noise the machines would have made.

“It was really fun looking at the different jobs miners had to do.” Charlotte Harris
“I really enjoyed looking at the way mining changed over time.” Ailsa Legg
“It was great to see how mining machinery has evolved.” Kai Rhodes
“I thought it was really interesting. I had a great day.” Thea Fenwick
“I learned about the worst coal mining disaster that happened in Senghenydd, killing over 400 miners.” Alan Davison

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