Last Friday 25th September, the Year 9s visited the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield. Upon arrival they were all given hard hats with headlamps in readiness for their trip down the mine.
They were accompanied by an ex-miner who was extremely knowledgeable about the rise and fall of the coal industry. The class learned a lot about the changes that took place over the years and below are some comments from a few of our pupils.
“To build the machines, they had to transport the pieces and build them underground.”

“Children our age would sit in the dark opening and closing a door to circulate air.”

“Pit ponies only came out of the mine once a year and only for a week.”

“I didn’t realise that the conditions were so bad.”

Many thanks also go to Miss Anders and Mr Squirrell who accompanied the pupils to the mine.

Miss Gilmour

Geog coal mine

geog coal mine 3