“Last Friday, year 9 took part in a ‘Speed Circus’ during their science. It science lesson3involved running, walking, rolling and dropping objects and generally having a fun, hands-on physics lesson. After every activity in the circus, calculations were worked out to pinpoint the speed of the ball, toy cat, runner, feather or person. Also, distance time graphs were drawn up to show how the speed either stayed steady, increased or decreased over the duration of the experiment. Most of the class commented how much they had learned but all of the class said how fun.”

Spencer: ” I really enjoyed our speed circus and I learnt so much more this way ”

Joe : ” My favourite bit of the experiment was rolling the ball as fast as we could down the path!”

Amy: ” I learnt loads by doing our science lesson this way, the toy cat was a bit creepy though! ”

Ailsa Legg (year 9)science lesson4

science lesson 2