Year 9 Drama Final Performance – Connections

What does it mean to be human? What are the connections between us? How does our past influence our present?

These are all questions year 9 drama students asked of themselves when we began preparations for their final drama performance night on 22nd May. At the time we began preparing, students were in the middle of British Science week with the theme of connections explored scientifically and so we thought it would be fun to consider a drama perspective too. 

Our current year 9 group decided they wanted to consider the theme through an extract from Dennis Kelly’s DNA, a play about young people isolated from the world and trying to solve the problems they find. Exploring these characters has been a challenge but it is great to see the pupils really putting in the effort to produce a clear and exciting performance.

Tickets are on sale now through the school office at the price of £2.50 for pupils and £4 for adults. 

Drama at Fyling Hall

Drama at Fyling Hall is a bustling department where pupils are challenged through practical performance to consider different opinions, cultures and lifestyles to their own. They improvise their own performances, rehearse play texts from a wide range of playwrights and have the opportunity to see professional theatre companies across the local area.  Performance is a vital part of the Drama curriculum and all pupils are encouraged to take part in regular evening showcases and larger performance events. At Fyling Hall we offer practical drama qualifications from year 9 to year 12. We’re really excited to see this performance on the 22nd!