Drama Performance at Fyling Hall – On Stage, Technical, Behind the Scenes and in the Audience!

At Fyling Hall, performance is a vital part of the Drama curriculum. Performing at school and watching performances. All pupils are encouraged to take part in regular evening showcases and larger performance events – including our next big show coming up in November (more below)! We use our purpose built theatre, The Barn, for performances and lessons. Fyling Hall has professional standard lighting and sound facilities. Drama students are encouraged to learn how to use these from the start of the secondary school.

Jayden- year 10 – at the lighting desk.

Seeing professional theatre companies across the local area is also an integral part of the drama curriculum. Watching different performances is a valuable experience. It is enjoyable and a fantastic way to support learning drama.

In drama lessons and performances pupils gain in confidence and develop creativity. They learn to work as a team putting together shows including acting, props, staging and lighting. Pupils from year 10 on learn more about careers in the performing arts. May’s theatre trip was a lot of fun, and an opportunity to see all the elements of drama come together.

On Friday 12th May, 16 pupils from Fyling Hall went to see the Little Shop of Horrors production at Whitby Pavilion and Izzy E and Ava J in year 8 provided their review of the show.

Year 8 Theatre Review – Little Shop of Horrors

Last term year 8 had been learning about lighting, sound and design in their drama lessons and had been using the show as an example. It was amazing to see how well all the characters were portrayed and the set up and stage design. The plant (Audrey II) was incredible and the growing illusion was really well designed. 

Belle and Eve in our class thought the dentist was the best actor and liked that he waved back at the end of the show. 

In conclusion, we absolutely loved the show and would 100% recommend it to everyone.

by Izzy E and Ava J, year 8

And What About the Next School Show?

The next big show will be Annie Jr. taking place in November. This is an exciting and vibrant show with lots of opportunity to take part for pupils from year 4 to year 9. Backstage, on stage, dancers, singers and more! Auditions are taking place at the end of June, and we would love to hear from pupils who wish to be involved in other areas. To find out more pupils should see Mrs Jeeves or Mrs Swain.

Please contact Mrs. Jeeves if you would like to know more about Drama or the practical drama qualifications in year 10 -13.