Year 5 and Year 6 Maths – Scale Models of Hogwarts

Year 5 and 6 have been having fun in maths lessons creating scale models of bedrooms at Hogwarts. Using their knowledge of scale and ratio, they worked in groups to choose from a list of items and scale down real life dimensions by a scale factor of 10.

They then made the items from cm squared paper, also choosing their own items to make. Pupils estimated the real dimensions before working out the scaled down dimensions. The four groups created fabulous looking bedrooms, and most importantly, they were perfectly in proportion thanks to some careful scale work.

Mrs Richardson  

The children have really enjoyed bringing maths concept to life, but what do the parents say? A parent shares their thoughts about what their child does at Fyling Hall here;

“Fyling Hall Junior School is a place where our daughter goes to learn, to express, to be challenged and extended.  She comes home alive with the possibilities of her day’s experience, delighted to find that she can do the things she thought she couldn’t and inspired to accept future challenges positively.” 

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