Year 5 and 6’s fantastic week at Bewerley Park

Year 5 and 6 had a fantastic week at Bewerley Park. On the first day of their school residential the children headed straight for the lake to learn how to canoe. The weather was beautiful making this activity even better. Watching the children work together as a team to manoeuvre around the lake was great to see, they played football, raced round an island and thoroughly enjoyed catching Mr Parker in his canoe.

Our first evening was a lot of fun, the children were full of energy and eager to complete the centres orienteering course. The children split into smaller groups and took off with their maps to find their hidden locations. It was a close final between Matilda and Georgina and the boy’s team, Edward and Bertie.

Our second day was great fun, the children faced their fears by crawling through very small holes, climbing rocks and bouldering at Brimham Rocks. It was amazing to see the groups working together and supporting their friends.

The final night was ‘disco night’ the children put on a talent show and danced the night away in the common room. The winner of the talent show was Matilda doing a wonderful dance routing and ‘The Rick Boys’ (Edward, Bertie, Geonuk, William and Will) came a close second with a fabulously funny dance routine.

Our final challenge was the long-awaited leap of faith! This is what the children were looking forward to the most. Facing their fear of heights and leaping for a flag.

The children got stuck in to every challenge they were faced with and I was so proud of them all. Watching them face fears and work as a team was a joy to see. For some of the children spending time away from home was the biggest challenge for them and they were all fantastic. Year 5 and 6‘s fantastic week at Bewerley Park is one to be remembered!

Lisette Vincent- Jones, Junior School Teacher