Year 13 pupils are celebrating

Fyling Hall’s Year 13 pupils are celebrating a successful return to the first externally assessed national examinations since 2019. The class of 2022 achieved a pass rate of 100% with 58% of exams entered being awarded the top grades (A*/A or equivalent), against a national average of 36.4%.  Headmaster, Mr Allen, commented, “Year 13 pupils all over the country have had to endure one of the most challenging exam seasons ever. The cancellation of GCSE’s due to Covid deprived them of a crucial part of their education as well as vital experience in preparing for A Levels.

I am so proud of how our pupils have coped with the challenges forced upon them. They never looked to use it as an excuse. In fact, they used it as motivation due to many people questioning their GCSE grades.

It is important to thank the teachers for the role they played in preparing the pupils. Not only have they guided the pupils through the normal pressures of preparing for exams, but they have had to support them in the numerous obstacles Covid has thrown up over the last two years. The extensive pastoral support offered by our dedicated staff to our pupils has been more crucial than ever during the last difficult two years.

I am so pleased for our pupils. I have seen all the hard work, and this excellent set of results is exactly what they deserve. These results allow them to go on to the next stage of their education with the confidence they are ready to meet any challenges they may face.”