So the 2016 Rio Paralympics have concluded. While I myself was unable to watch every second of every event nearly as closely as I wished to I have still done my best to keep up with the happenings. The Paralympics are always going to be inspiring. It’s just so motivating to see people who have so much hardship in their lives overcome it and accomplish such great things.

This year’s Paralympics were AMAZING; there were so many great moments and achievements made by so many amazing people! Like Ibrahim Hamato, the Egyptian man who held his own against the world’s greatest table tennis players and made it to the preliminary rounds of the Paralympics with no arms!!!! I’m being serious just look him up on YouTube it’s just so amazing and inspiring to watch.

Or Matt Stuzman, the 33 year old Kansas resident who holds the world record for farthest accurate archery shot, despite having no arms. Stuzman managed to hit the target with no more than his feet and shoulders from 283.47m away to take the record previously held by an able-bodied competitor. Stuzman also won a silver medal in the London Paralympics 4 years ago.

Even my homeland Nigeria was represented strongly at the games, specifically in the weight lifting category. Roland Ezuruike lifted four times his body weight in the men’s -54 kg final.

Lucy Ejike shattered all world records three times in a row by managing to lift 136 kg, 138 kg and eventually 142 kg to win the women’s -61 kg division.

At the end of it all Nigeria won six golds, two silvers and a bronze just in weightlifting and won two other golds in other events. Leading to an unprecedented and incredible haul of 8 gold medals! And that makes me so proud. I hope that one day I can come close to achieving as much as any of the Paralympians who inspired me so much this year.

Damilare Williams (Year 12)