An Exceptional Year 11 Music Concert

Reviewing An Exceptional School Music Concert

Last Tuesday our Year 11 music group organised an exceptional school music concert. It not only entertained the many adoring fans -parents, family, friends and boarders- who turned up to support them, but also went towards their official Rockschool examination.

The night began with a magical flute performance by Bethany; “I See The Light” from “Tangled”. Next up was Marley playing a hypnotising Jazz piece on the piano, the dotted rhythms danced through the enraptured air.

After several more classical pieces (and a well-deserved interval) the concert sparked back to life with a vivacious performance from Theo’s band – Project 13. A highlight being their zany rendition of “Sweet Dreams” which had the whole barn rocking.

Two stunning performances ended the night on an overwhelming high, the first of which, “No Roots”, was sung by Dee who captivated the audience with her soulful, stripped back vocals with the seasoned backing of Emilie, Theo and Kobi.

Finally, as all good things must, the concert came to an end, but not before a lively delivery of “Jailhouse Rock” could get the audience up and on their feet jiving away to the groovy beat.

As a former Rockschool Pupil, I was extremely impressed by the courage, confidence and talent of this year’s group. This was so much more than a school music concert and I am looking forward to seeing many concerts to come.

by Tomas Richardson, Year 13 (Head boy)

A Note from Head of Music Mrs Swain:

I just wanted to say how incredibly proud I am of all of the Year 11 pupils involved. They performed fantastically and we have received so many amazing comments from audience members.

They really lit up the stage and shined with such confidence! I hope that they are all over the moon with how things went.

A big thanks to Paul Whittaker on sound, Jayden (year 11) on lights, AJ on the camera, Mrs Jeeves for all her support, Timothy, Tomas and Toby (year 13) for Front of House.

Well done Year 11 Music 2024!

More About Rockschool and the Music Diploma

Fyling Hall School is the only school in the area to offer these innovative and industry relevant diplomas alongside the more traditional GCSE – A Level route. The flexible and module based qualification allows student’s to tailor the course to their strengths. It is fully recognised by the Department for Education and carries equal weighting as GCSE at Level 2 (year 11), but is inline with current music industry standards.

This school music concert was part of the Live Performance section. Pupils have to plan, rehearse for, perform and evaluate a concert showcasing their strengths as a musician. Their individual performance must be between 10-15 minutes long and will be created to fit a specific brief. You can head to our curriclum pages to learn more about the course or get in touch with Mrs Swain for more details.

This up-to-date course, our student’s dedication and talent, high-standard of teaching, and hard work all contribute to the incredibly high standards of Fyling Hall School music concert.

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school music concert<br />
school music concert - year 11 rockschool music diploma
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School Music Concert, Year 11 music diploma, rockschool, piano
School Music Concert, year 11, rockschool, singing, music diploma<br />
School music concert
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Upcoming Music Events

We’re looking forward to more musical performances in the coming months. Next-up will be the Junior School Music Concert on Tuesday 19th March at 2pm in The Barn Theatre – they will be performing their winning entries from Eskdale Festival of the Arts.

And of course the incredibly popular Rose Garden Festival will take place on Saturday 22nd June with doors opening at 1:30pm and tickets now on sale. The Rose Garden Festival is held in our beautiful outdoor theatre with live bands from around the area and guest appearances from talented Fyling Hall students. This year we are fundraising for Ovarian Cancer Action. This is an open event for the entire community.