Year 10 professional work experience

Along with many things, our Year 10 students have missed out on the normal professional work experience they would have taken part in this year. To make up for this we put together an intensive Professional Experience Skills event over two days.

On day one we focused on the individual – students had the opportunity to compose their first CV and personal statement and have them evaluated. They took part in a mock job interview. They also attended masterclass workshops on How to Win Friends and Influence People (social and networking skills), Changing Careers, As Well as Jobs, New Vistas: (on working abroad) and Welcome to the Workplace (a role play of situations and scenarios).

On the second day we tested students’ leadership, teamwork, creativity and entrepreneurial skills as they take part in an ‘Apprentice‘ style day-long task.

We know our students got a lot out of the two days of Year 10 Professional Work Experience, albeit with a difference. All the learning and information will be incorporated into our Year 11 Learning for Life programme where we will continue developing them for life beyond school.

Ayd Instone, Head of Enrichment and Extra-Curricular and Julia Jackson, Careers