“Last week, both Year 10 science classes went out on a field trip to the Fylingdales moor to study the different types of plants, animals and habitats. These ranged from three different types of heather (Ling/Common heather, Bell heather and Cross leaved heather) to the different types of snake we might come across (Adder, Slow Worm).

We began our trip by walking along the track and trying to find whatever bugs or species we could. We identified two different types of caterpillar, one species of lizard and a wide range of plants throughout the morning.

After a well-deserved lunch, we then followed the Lyke Wake Walk to a boggy area of moorland where we then completed a 100 metre transect. The students recorded what species of plant are living or covering a certain area of terrain. Overall the students enjoyed the day out in the sunshine after having a long week of exams.”

Connor Asprey (Year 10)

biology trip 2