Year 7, 8 and 9 drama students went to the Eskdale Festival last week to perform group drama, poetry and Shakespeare solos. We went to the theatre in Whitby to perform and were judged by Carol Schroder, a professional adjudicator. She watched all of our performances and gave us excellent feedback.

First to perform was the Group drama class. Year 9 performed an extract of ‘Izzy’, a piece about an isolated girl, which was excellent and very emotional. They placed 3rd, and have been asked to come back to perform again at the Gala Concert on Saturday 17th March. We are all very excited for them.

My class, poetry solo, was next. I was very nervous but it was brilliant to hear all of the performers were from Fyling Hall. I was placed second with my performance of ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Finley Miller, Year 7, won the class with a fantastic performance and Tomas Richardson, also Year 7, came 3rd.

Next up, came the Shakespeare Solo classes. There were so many entries (all from Fyling Hall) that the class had to be split into two. In the first class, Finley Miller won again with a fantastic performance of Macbeth. Damon Kelly’s funny ‘Pyramus’ death scene came second and Emie-May Burnett took on Titania from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to take 3rd place.

In the second class, Ali Elhawary took second place with a fantastic speech from Hamlet, and Minsung Kim came third with a very dramatic performance. Elizabeth Maroney took the lead with a performance of a very annoyed Helena. She is delighted to have been asked back to perform for the Gala Concert too!

All of the performances were unique and outstanding. It was a good opportunity to show our school’s drama and poetry skills. Congratulations to all the winners.

Mrs Jeeves says: ‘I was incredibly proud of all our pupils who performed and challenged themselves to learn Shakespeare, poetry and drama! ‘

Jae Hur (Year 9)

Eskdale Festival