Last week the four of us represented the school at the Salter’s Chemistry Festival at York University. Over ten schools took part in the competition and the prize was a molecule making set for the winning school. We were not nervous and fairly confident at the start of the day – we were there to have fun and enjoy the experience. One of the activities included a ‘crime solving’ puzzle where we had to work as a team, using our knowledge of chemistry and problem solving skills to work out ‘whodunnit’! Although half the day was competitive, the other half included fun lectures and experiments led by science experts – one of which was about ‘Colourful Chemistry and Light’. We learnt a lot new information in a (chemically!) explosive way! The highlight for us though, was the embroidered lab coats that the school provided for the day – which we have kept! We came 3rd in the competition, which we were pleased with, but more importantly, we beat local rival school “Pocklington”. (Damon says: “take that Pocklington!”)

Damon, Tomas, Toby, Calli (Year 7)

Y7Chemistry comp