In the last few weeks, Form 3 science experiments have focused on dissolving and chemical reactions, and considering the differences between the two.

Read Form 3 pupils’ accounts of their first experiments during their science lessons with Dr Richardson:

“On Wednesday our group (Jake, Eve and Tomas) did several experiments to see how well the chemicals would react e.g. bubbling up (we liked this the best) and changing colour. We had to wear gloves and safety specs. We loved them all but our favourite was the bubbling up one.” Tomas Richardson

“We liked it when I got some chemicals on my gloves because it turned yellow. We also liked it when one of the chemicals fizzed up.” Luca Park

“Ola, Calli and Toby liked Potassium iodide and lead Nitrate because its colour was something like jelly. We liked Ethanoic acid and Sodium Compound because it bubbled over the top of the contained.” Ola El Hawary

“Ruby, Arthur and Ali liked the Ethanoic acid and Sodium Carbonate  reaction because it bubbled and squirted out of the contained and went cold.” Ruby Wormald

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