Alright I get it, you can’t be bothered. I can’t be bothered a lot of the time either, with a lot of things.  “Do I have to get out of bed today?”  “Do I have to do that essay right now?”  “Do I have to run that errand?”  The answer is probably yes.

I get that there are cleaners who are employed to pick up rubbish and mop the floors and clean up mess but in no way is that an excuse to just not care. Seriously, it’s like two seconds of effort to get up and put it in the bin; even if you don’t throw it away immediately just do it before you leave the room.  It’s not difficult, at all.  I mean if your legs are broken then maybe it’s more difficult but until then I don’t think finding a bin is tough.  Also please don’t just stuff your half eaten McDonalds into your wardrobe or leave it in a corner because that’s just unsanitary.  No seriously, it stinks and it looks gross and no one likes it.

I understand that there are some people who just aren’t bothered by littering but no one reading this can tell me that they like litter just lying around. Do you have any idea how much money could be saved in council costs every year if people just picked up their rubbish?  It is estimated that £1 in every £3 that local councils in England and Wales spend is spent on collecting rubbish. That is millions of pounds that could be spent on schools or healthcare or any number of better things.  I’m a boarder; I’ve seen some pig sties in my time.  It really is quite disrespectful how people can just throw things around without caring; it’s disrespectful of the environment, of the people who also have to use that living space, of the people who genuinely have to clean up your mess, and frankly of yourself.  Seriously just bin it.

Damilare Williams-Shires (Year 12)

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