Mr Gardner and Mr Stephenson have been very busy on the hill near the Junior school. We have been trying to guess what they are making. They have lifted the turf and are making space for …. something! Some of us think it could be a pond. Others say an insect habitat. Mrs Rowe says wait and see!


Curiouser and curiouser….

Today a delivery arrived…… three huge packs of living willow! They are building a willow den and tunnel for the Juniors. It’s going to be awesome!


Mr Gardner and Mr Stephenson (with the help of their assistant Adam) have now started work on the willow structure on the hill. Eve Harrison was the person to guess that it might be willow, and she was right! All the Junior pupils have been helping to weave the willow ‘wands’ and tie them together with flax. It already looks amazing, and when the leaves start to grow it will look even better. We can’t wait!
by Form 2


Our willow structure in the Junior play area is now completed and the children are delighted with the final effect. Our talented gardeners have created a work of art worthy of Andy Goldsworthy. Many thanks for their hard work, effort and inspiration. Now all we need is some warm weather (and a little bit of rain) and the leaves will start to shoot and clothe the structure with a canopy of green.