Why I enjoy my boarding experience

My name is FroI, and I am going to tell you why I enjoy my boarding experience. I am a full-time year 9 border from Russia and have studied at Fyling Hall for 2 and a half terms.

The first advantage of studying here is education system. At school we don’t stop on one topic for a long time, and it helps to get more information in a short time. I like my teachers because they are reliable, kind and have their own studying methods that work well for each pupil. Each teacher has their own classroom, which are spread around the big grounds. I found that it was a little bit hard to study in my first few weeks because of the different language. I was able to improve my language quickly because we are always surrounded by English and at the end of a term it was much better.

why I enjoy my boarding experience

School is far from loud cities, so quiet surrounding are also a massive advantage. We spent a lot of time in the fresh air: lots of sports sport lessons, breaks, gaps between lessons and evenings. As boarders we are not ‘isolated’, because we can go to Whitby or Scarborough every weekend to buy food and snacks or go for a walk with your friends to Robin Hoods Bay. I am lucky that the room I live in is big and there is enough space for three of my friends and all their stuff.

Off course there are some disadvantages, mainly I can’t go home during the weekend or even half term break because I live too far away, so I miss my home. But if you live in England and especially near Fyling Hall you shouldn’t think about it. I would rather think about why I enjoy my boarding experience at Fyling Hall.