Why choose Fyling Hall Drama for 6th Form?

Year 12 drama students, Liv and Ulyana, answer the question “why choose Fyling Hall Drama for 6th Form” . . .

The Rock School drama course has really become my pleasure as everything that we do in lessons is so far from the everyday school routine. Despite the fact that I originally was concerned only with production and set making, I started to do some acting in terms of this course. And it came out to be so enjoyable and intriguing. If you imagine a classical poorly decorated school play when you think about this course, you’re completely wrong! During this year we explored at least 4 different techniques from legendary masters such as Bertolt Brecht or Meisner. 

I have really enjoyed the opportunity to learn so many new skills and to be able to research new information. One of the amazing things about the course is you can tailor the units to whatever suits you best and because there are so many units to choose from the possibilities are endless. From doing this course I have gained valuable experience in a short amount of time.  

For example last week I even led a whole lesson for year 7 for my Acting Workshop unit. That was a thrilling experience, however everybody was attentive and one hour ended very quickly. I honestly believe that such an experience will be helpful for my future career though it is not related to teaching. Moreover I already feel how my confidence is growing and hope the next few lessons will make the result even greater. 

Liv and Ulyana have both recently led drama classes

The Rock School Drama course can also help you in the future because one of our core units is ‘Planning for a Career in the Performing Arts’ where we learn about CV writing, job applications, the auditioning process and the different jobs available to us. The course can also help you when applying for university as previous students have been accepted into their university places due to their Rock School grade. 

My drama lesson is always a time when I can gather my thought, relax and do something creative. I’m looking forward to seeing more sixth formers taking the Drama course so we can produce an incredibly cool play next year.  

Why choose Fyling Hall Drama for 6th Form? Isn’t it obvious!