Which is better? City or Countryside?

Over the last century the majority of the Earth’s population moved to cities, leaving the usual places of living- the countryside. However, there are still those who prefer living far away from busy buildings and noisy streets. Personally I have completed this migration in reverse by leaving my city home to attend Fyling Hall for the year. Let’s find out which is better, city or countryside and why. 

To begin with, the countryside gives on an opportunity to merge with nature and enjoy the thriving world of animals, insects and birds. Another point worth mentioning is relatively pure and clean ecosystems. Freshness of the air and translucent purity of waters will be crucial elements for those who have poor health. 

Talking about leaving the city, one could mention developed infrastructure and the wide range of opportunities for younger generations. Moreover cities provide their dwellers with lots of entertainment facilities such as cinemas and sport centres. 

For me life in the city looks more attractive, as I am a teenager and my age group tends to enjoy the city’s facilities. Whilst I am living in the countryside at Fyling Hall however, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of the environment and the opportunities which it offers that living in a more urban area do not. Which is better? City or Countryside? The countryside is definitely better for now.

Ivan, Year 11

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