Where do the boarders go?

With half term drawing to a close, Fyling Hall’s boarders left us for a week of relaxation. But where do the boarders go? This half term some students travelled abroad to visit family and friends. Pupils certainly visited lots of different countries.

Anna went to the Ukraine after visiting London. She planned on buying lots of new clothes in London but waiting for her at home was a new phone. She planned to relax over the holiday. Carla flew to Barcelona where she saw all of her friends. Her grandmother’s cooking, especially risotto, is something special to look forward to. She always uses the food she grows in the garden. Laura also flew to Spain, where she enjoyed sleeping in her own bed and her pillow. 

Some students stayed in the UK over the holiday. Simon lives in Whitby and isn’t going back to Germany until Christmas. He was most excited for playing with his friends in town. Like many of our international boarders, William and Manfred stayed with a guardian over the half term. Guardians are families who will look after boarders when it is too far for them to travel home for a holiday break. Guardians often become like family themselves and many boarders return to the same guardian time after time. 

Raul spent the holiday in England with his parents, uncle and brother. They visited York, Whitby, Scarborough and Liverpool. He was most excited about seeing Anfield Stadium and the sites in Liverpool.  Kaja also spent the week in England, staying on the Yorkshire Coast.

Wherever our pupils were over the half term, we are certain they are had a happy holiday and look forward to seeing them refreshed.