Where are we on the map?

This is the question Forms 2 and 3 were asking . . . where are we on the map? Last week pupils went on another adventure. This time they went on a Geography trip to show off their map reading skills. The children set off from school equipped with compasses and maps; they had already plotted their route in their Geography lessons.

Our picnic spot for the day was Swallow Head Farm where we greeted by the farm owners with ice lollies as a very welcomed refreshment.

I was very impressed with how much information the children had retained during lock down, it was lovely to re-cap and bring the topic alive, the children worked well as a team and we all had a great day out”

“I liked it when we learnt about map reading and map symbols during lock down, it was nice to go on the trip and use our map reading sills to work out where we were on the map”


“I liked leading the group and everyone following me while I was reading my map.”


Lisette Vincent-Jones, Junior School Teacher