When, oh when, will Latin club begin again?

When will Latin Club begin again? I am sure that pupils across Fyling Hall are asking this question!

At a time of uncertainty, of discombobulation and of upheaval, we are all faced with the same paradoxical conundrums: when will I be able to leave the house? Can I stay in my pyjamas all day? Are the 30,000 rolls of toilet paper I have stored in my garage enough to last me until Friday? But the question that is invariably at the forefront of everyone’s mind, the question that cuts to the very heart of these uncertain times, that keeps many of us awake at night:

‘When, oh when, will Latin club begin again?’

Well, I have the pleasure, at last, of being able to confirm that the great Fyling Hall Latin Club will be running as of next Tuesday, 21st April.

Taking on a new and revised format to counter these unusual circumstances in which we find ourselves, Fyling Hall Latin Club will reconvene during the Twilight Session.

So whether an old Fyling Hall Latin scholar or someone completely new to the whole thing, email me at c.thomas@fylinghall.org to register your interest – this is open to all students at the school, young and old, junior school and senior school.

Do something with this time, do something different, learn a great language that will not only make you sound unbelievably cool but also help you with your studies in a whole host of different subjects from English to modern languages to history and the sciences. This is your chance to do something great for yourself.

Mr Chris Thomas, Head of English