When I first came to this school

I remember when I first came to this school, it was on 5th January 2022. Also this was my first time in the UK. In that moment when I looked at the environment in this school, my feeling was really excited and I can’t imagine that I was really staying here in the UK.

Bailey in front of Main House

In my dorm room was Emma, Diana and Emilie. I think they’re so nice and cute, so it was an honour that I an be a roommate with them. Although I’m in a new dorm now, I will not forget my old roommates.

My favourite thing in boarding is Bailey. He’s an energetic dog and really cute. He belongs to Miss Anders our matron, and he lives in the house with us.

And now one thing that I am looking forward to, it’s my goal. My target is to study at university in the UK, so I’m really hoping that I can study well now and in the future. Studying at a university in the UK, it is my biggest dream!

Last but not least, I really want to thank this school. Because people in this school are really really nice and they changed me a lot!

Alison, Year 9 from Hong Kong, placed by British United