What makes me happy or feel at home

What makes me happy or feel at home is when I can spend time with the horses at the stables. The stables are next to the chemistry and physics lab. We have very nice and beautiful horses.  We have a lot of horses and a very nice teacher, Coleen.

Riding Mistress, Coleen, and Jimmy who’s not quite ready to get up 😉

In Fyling Hall School you can do some horse riding as well as lessons. I go horse riding every Tuesday because I have games on Tuesday and Thursday. Thursday, I play normally hockey with the others in games lesson.  

When I have horse riding I go up to the stables and get ready. That means body protected (that is very important in case you fall off, the body protector will not stop you of any injury but it reduces them), helmet, clothes, riding shoes, warning vest. After that we get the horses ready for our lessons. I always ride Gracie, she is nice and she listens to me. John Joe a different horse I ride as well. He is nice as well but you have to work harder with him because he likes to do sometimes his own thing. We go horse riding at the beach, through the village or even through the moors. No matter which way we are going it is always fun.  

I can still remember in my second lesson here in Fyling Hall we started to trot. Our teacher of course showed us how to keep our balance and now we do it quite often. Cantering we started as well. At first, I was a bit nervous but than it was fine. In my opinion I like Cantering more than Trot.  If we trot or cantering our teacher warns us and she always goes in front, since she is riding her horse. Last week we started to jump. I quite enjoy horse riding and I hope I will have some more fun experiences. We always end the lesson at 4:20 and after that I always feel happy because I got to learn new stuff or get time to spend time with them.  

I cant wait until I have horse riding again!!!! It really is what makes me happy or feel at home.

AnaYear 10 Weekly Boarder