What is the Harvest Festival?

As I am new to the school I’ve had never heard of the Harvest Festival until last week, so what is this Festival and why do we celebrate it at Fyling Hall School?

The celebrations of the Harvest Festival reach back into ancient times. Also known as Thanksgiving, the purpose is to thank for the successful harvests. Because it used to be a religious event, usually churches organise the Festival and people go there to sing, pray and decorate the altar with baskets of fruits, food and flowers. The certain date of the celebration varies around the world because of different main harvest periods. In Britain the Festival is held on the Sunday nearest to the Harvest Moon, which is the full moon that occurs closest to the 22nd or 23rd September.

Now you might ask yourself what happens to the food or why should I go to church if I don’t even believe in god? Well, the answer is: The food is given to charity nowadays, and that is why not only people with a certain faith should participate!

I think it’s great that Fyling Hall School is a part of the community that is grateful for what they have and thinks of those in need. I am looking forward to Sunday and I hope that as many people as possible, with the opportunity to give something, are going to support the Harvest Festival!

Kian Tedeskino (Year 11)