What is summer to you?

What is summer to you? To me, summer is birds singing in the early morning; bubbles from Sprite; light-purple night sky; sunbathing on the terrace and hugging the gentle wind.

As the summer term begin, I set up a goal for myself —- be more active.

I am always up for the evening session in the sport hall. Together with other borders, we play badminton, volleyball and football. Somedays when I am feeling more active, I would use the gym and do some exercises with weights from YouTube.

Now when the weather is marvellous, I really enjoy walking down to Robin Hood’s Bay on the weekends. Taking some pictures of the landscape for my A-Level Photography work and having a chocolate flavoured ice cream while enjoying the fascinating sea view.

Horse riding is another type of sport I love, especially when the sun is shining bright. We do ponies games in the outdoor arena, cantering and jumping on the green grass.

I used to think doing exercises was an individual activity, but Fyling Hall has taught me exercises can create a strong bond between me and other borders and exercises can also be fun.

Stephanie, Year 12 (boarder from China and Croatia)