What does it take to be Head Boarder?

What does it take to be Head Boarder? This is a special role at Fyling Hall; one which is crucial role in the boarding houses. Not that our Head Boarder contributes only to boarding life. This individual also contributes to student life in general.

This year’s Head Boarder is Year 13 pupil, Steph. Hailing from China and Croatia, Steph has boarded with us for over five years. She happily takes the lead on boarding activities from pamper nights, quiz nights and even baking! Always proud to show off Fyling Hall, perhaps you spotted her our “Day in a Life” which gives you insight into life as a boarder at Fyling Hall?

What does it take to be Head Boarder? Just take a look at Steph’s good work and effort . . . thank you for your contributions, Steph!


You were such a shy girl when you first arrived at school

However, it was soon clear that you’d be no one’s fool.

When spoken to you used to hide your smile behind a book

But confidence means you now meet everybody’s look.

That once bashful girl has grown wings with which to fly

Soon it will be time for you to bid everyone goodbye.

Now there are no boundaries, no walls to keep you in

You are free to roam this world, all its wonders to take in.

Your beautiful personality shines out from every pore

And those acts of kindness have never been a chore.

You have become an example of what we all strive to be

Thoughtful, compassionate, caring – not always thinking of ‘me’.

Who is this wondrous person who, to life, brings order?

Why, it is our lovely Head Boarder!

So if you need to talk to someone on whom you can rely

Please approach Steph Sinko – advice she will supply.

(And possibly cake!)