What did Y7-9 Book Club think of “Holes”?

This month the Y7-9 Book Club read “Holes” by Louis Sacher.

The response was generally positive from the children, but there were a range of queries and clarifications that were voiced due to the novel’s dual narrative and twisting plot style.

In particular, the book clubbers discussed the ending and the way that all of the loose ends from the different characters’ stories were tied up… it took a bit of explaining for some – but there were many rewarding “a – has!” that reverberated around the table during the discussion.

The children chatted about the characters of Stanley Yelnats (Stanley backwards – a-ha!) and Zero and explained in turn why they liked or disliked their involvement in the story. The evil Mr Pedanski and the ruthless Warden were referenced – and the terrifying yellow spotted lizards seemed to have made quite an impression on the pupils too.

In terms of negatives, one or two members raised the idea that all of the ‘neatly tied’ loose ends seemed a bit too… well, neat – and that the pace of the story was a little slow in the early chapters. However, overall it was a novel that the clubbers would recommend to others.

The next book, due to be discussed after Easter, is a science fiction novel called “I am Number 4” by Pittacus Lore.

A big thank you to Olivia Hall who baked and gifted us all with some wonderful cakes again this month!