What a way to close the half term!

What a way to close the half term! Bewerley Park was visited not once by Fyling Hall students, but twice this year. This time it was the turn of our Year 7s. Asked what their favourite part of the trip, this is what they had to say . . .

My best part of Bewerley park was the canoeing because we all had a great time and it challenged us. I was okay at it. After a while of practice we all had some races.


My absolute favourite activity at Bewerley park was the Ghyll scramble. After we had arrived at the Ghyll we plunged our feet into the cold icy water. The water had a strong current but despite that we still persevered. Once we got to the first natural Slide our instructor Piers tested it and then it was our turn… One by one we all made it down a few people were scared but they showed plenty of resilience and all had a go. Nearer the end we had the opportunity to jump into the water. Then we took the plunge it was really exciting and wet!!!

Izzy E

My favourite activity was the Ghyll stream because it was climbing through the rocks in the stream and going down rock slides. I’ve had a really nice time at Bewerley park I will remember this time forever thank you for the nice time.


I did three favourite things at Bewley park.

Number one was when I did the Ghyll scramble because I liked the natural slides but I did not want to do the big jump off the water for because I was scared.

Number two was when I did canoeing I fell in with Amelia.

Number three was when I did a Leap of faith. I was scared to death I had to climb up a ladder and it was really high up I enjoyed it when I got down on my Mr Parker was doing pullups on the trapeze bar.


Even though I did not want to come to Bewerley park my favourite activity was the Ghyll scrambling. I got very wet I jumped off a waterfall and slid down a risky slide and then even more risky slide and then an ultra mega slide. I loved it. I also adored the high ropes, I went to the top twice! I touch the bar but my hand did not hold on. As far as my memory goes I think it was 12 metres high. Canoeing was very fun. We did races and competitions.


So for our last day we went to Brimham rocks to climb through some tight spaces and also climb up high. My favourite part was climbing in the small places called a Smartie tube and the cheese press. I thought it was a really good opportunity for me to be able to help my classmates make them feel better. The views were really cool, especially the garage built into the rock. Overall I really enjoyed the trip and would encourage other pupils to do it if they get chance.


The last day at Brimham rocks as one of my favourites. This is because I love climbing and there was lots of opportunity to go in between rocks and over rocks and get a high. Even though I’ve been to Brimham rocks a few times I really liked the opportunity to go weakling through all the tight little spaces. I really like the beautiful views and enjoyed learning about how they were formed. We also learnt about lichens and edible plants. Overall this week I have had amazing opportunities and I hope that I can do other trips like this again


Our intrepid Year 7 explorers were accompanied by Mr Parker and Mrs Swain, who had this to say about the experience . . .

“I started the week off with mixed emotions, though the overwhelming feeling of excitement helped. Once we arrived Year 7 surprised me with how they took on each and every challenge. They came together, encouraging and actively supporting one another throughout. I personally enjoy watching each and every pupil grow as people and purposefully stretching their comfort zones. I genuinely couldn’t have asked for much more and look forward to organising similar activities in the future.”

Mr Parker

I am unbelievably proud of the Year 7s this week! It has been a pleasure to get to know each of them individually and to help them overcome their own fears and challenges. The pupils have been so brave, resilient, respectful and most importantly empathetic to each other. They have pushed themselves at each activity and showed so much bravery. For some the one challenge was staying away from home for the first time, for others it was jumping off great heights. All of them took it in their stride and had a fantastic time. We even had comments from the Bewerley staff and visiting DofE staff about how respectful and wonderful our pupils were. Overall a fantastic trip that I hope we can run again for other year 7 groups. Thanks to Year 7, Mr P and the Bewerley staff for a fabulous week.

Mrs Swain

It was indeed, quite a way to close the half term! Just take a look!