Welcoming students from all over the world

Welcoming students from all over the world is a delight! Hello everyone, and welcome back! I’m Miss Havelock, and I’m currently teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) while Mrs Jeeves is on maternity leave. That means I’ve had the delight of welcoming a whole host of students from all over the world into my classroom over the last two weeks. Each student who walks through the door of the ESL classroom is asked where they come from so their names can feature on the giant map of the world that is stuck on the wall. Our new pupils have come from near and far- Hong Kong, France, Russia, Spain, Korea, Germany, China. All of these students have come here to learn English, but also to experience a different culture and hopefully make friends for life.

The international pupils we have here at Fyling Hall hugely enrich our school community. It is wonderful for our home students to make friends with people from elsewhere and to communicate with people who have English as a second language. In just two weeks, I have been taught about Maslenitsa, the Russian pancake week, the origins of Octoberfest, and the climate in Spain. In discussions about food, I have been tempted by descriptions of delicacies from China, Ibiza, and Berlin. One of the most enjoyable aspects of teaching ESL so far has been the cultural exchange that takes place in every single lesson- I have been trying to explain which British chocolate is best!

However, the best thing so far about being an ESL teacher is watching my students blossom in confidence and make friends. In just two short weeks, miles away from home and getting used to our peculiar British habits, the pupils in my classroom have made connections with other people from across the globe. As I have said to them several times, if I went abroad I’m sure it would take me much longer!

I’m so pleased that I have the privilege of teaching the ESL students for the present. I’m also thrilled that the school is a whole is feeling more back to normal- I have lived here through every lockdown, and it’s lovely to have the place buzzing with life again. Well done on an excellent start to term. I have truly enjoyed welcoming students from all over the world, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it takes us!

Rosie Havelock, Teacher of ESL