Weekend Boarding Activities – The Gaming Hideout and Seal Colony.

Each week there are trips and boarders’ weekend activities. These are open to our day students (or ‘dailies’) as well, who often choose to join in the fun. The last two weeks have seen two very different trips taking place. It’s really important to keep the weekend boarding activities varied and have a full programme of events, throughout the term. This week we were outdoors, enjoying the beautiful coastline and nature. Boarders walked to visit the seal colony on our shore-line. Last week was indoors at the Gaming-Hide-Out!

The Gaming Hide-Out with Multi-Sensory VR – Weekend Activity Review

On Saturday 13th May the boarders and dailies went to the “gaming hide out”, a new adventure! The place was quite well hidden but after going through a lot of security doors we found the site. It was a large office space littered with 20 different consoles all loaded with numerous of games! Pupils could choose to join one another or to play individually. 

To top off the experience, there was 5 different multi-sensory virtual reality (VR) stations with four additional stations with standard VR sets. They had a F1 set up in the corner where pupils could attempt to drive (there was a lot of crashes and a lot of pedal to the metal action). 

Overall, it was a brilliant experience and really challenged a lot of perceptions of the digital world. VR has an ability to transport you to a different realm and play out any scenario in a first-person perspective.

It was also brilliant to watch what pupils were seeing on the support screens while in their own VR world. All the boarders and day students that joined the trip had a fantastic day out.

The Seal Colony at Ravenscar

This week’s trip was really very different! Our international boarders probably don’t have the opportunity to visit seals in their home countries. In fact there are not that many places in the UK where you can so easily visit these amazing creatures in their own habitats. We were blessed with beautiful weather and enjoyed the views from the coastal walk. Pupils explored the rock-pools and found ammonites (fossils) in the rocks.

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