Why I volunteer at the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary

Fyling Hall’s Year 11 lessons and exams have ended so with no lessons until the end of term, I decided to volunteer at the Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. When I went there for the first time a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed by all the animals that I saw, walking around the place and in compounds or in cages in the caravan, but also by the amount of volunteers that were helping in such a small place. But I realised soon that all of us were necessary, as the Sanctuary has every wild animal possible, from mice and baby hedgehogs to pigs and sheep and seem to get a new ones every day. 10 minutes after arriving I found myself cleaning ducklings’ cages, feeding fox cubs and owls and trying to catch ferrets or hens that had escaped. It was exhausting, but the cute animals and to know that my work helps them was very rewarding. Just once a week makes a real difference. I am looking forward to my next visits at the Sanctuary!

Flora Kiefert, Y11