This week has been a busy one for Fyling Hall’s French students as it was the week of the annual ‘Vocab Express’ challenge. This fun online platform allows students to practise and learn new vocabulary by memorising a set list of words and translating them back into the system to gain points. From the 28th September to 4th October, 35 students form Fyling Hall took on more than 30,000 students worldwide. From years 8-13 everyone was keen to place our small school on at least one leader board. On Friday evening a small and dedicated team of 12 held a private vocabulary learning party in the IT suite where we enjoyed a supper of baguettes, camembert and tarte au citron and extended our points balance by around 30,000 over 2 hours in order to keep us in the competition over the weekend.

Ms Hornung pinned her hopes on her students to diligently continue the hard work over the weekend and was very excited to announce in assembly on Monday morning that we had 2 students on the Top 40 World leader board. The group took up the challenge to maintain our great position and on Tuesday at 3.30 pm we were frantically trying to check our phones to find out our final placing. In the ‘Piccolo cup’ (where up to 150 students are allowed to be enrolled) we were 7th with 188,890 points and in the Genius Cup which pitted our top 25 students against the top 25 from every other school we finished 5th!!! Not only did we do well as a team but individually we had three of our students whose final rankings put them into the Top 40 Worldwide: Archie Robinson (37th), Sharron Normanton (23rd) and Anna-Luisa Ayckbourn (22nd).

Anna-Luisa Ayckbourn

vocab challenge 3

Vocab challenge 30-9-16