The drama students from year ten and eleven went to the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough. We saw the play ‘Henceforward’ by Alan Ayckbourn, so we can write something about it for our GCSE exams. Miss Rowland also wanted us to experience live theatre and understand how to be an audience member.

I think the play was really amusing and the actors played very good. Sometimes it was a bit confusing and the characters were all a bit strange. I liked the play and I think it is good that we got the chance to see it.

By Viviane In Year 10

Pupils in Years 9-13 are being encouraged to visit the theatre as often as possible this year, in order to compare the performances they have seen and get experience of more areas of live theatre.

Upcoming trips include a live streaming of the National Theatre’s King Lear and Dracula at Whitby Pavilion. For more details contact Miss Rowland on