Very excited about their school trip

Fyling Hall’s Form 2 were very excited about their school trip. Last week, Miss Vincent-Jones surprised the children with a virtual tour of Buckingham Palace! Keeping children engaged is very important during online learning and the children certainly enjoyed the treat. The class, who were split into small groups of 4, thoroughly enjoyed looking at several different Palace rooms.

My favourite bit was seeing the corridor, I would do flips and gymnastics down it all day’.


Following on from the trip the children decided what they would do if they were King or Queen for the day.

Dear all my royal subjects

My name is Isabelle. I am tacking place for The Queen while she is on holiday in the Bahamas. I will be taking her place for a full day and I plan to make some changes. I am not fond of littering so I would like to make it illegal and if you are spotted littering you will be fined £1,000. I am also planning to bring everyone working hours down by 25% for the day in celebration of me being Queen (for the day). Also in celebration of me being Queen, every  year on this day we will all  have parties and this day for the rest of history will be known as ,Isabell day.

If I were King the day I would save lives and send food and water to people who need it in Africa.


Miss Lisette Vincent-Jones, Junior School Teacher