Last week the seniors took part in one of the most well-known parts of the games lesson, Up woods. Up Woods as it is known has been happening for decades. It is the game that divides all of us, you either love it or you hate it.

The aim of the game, as many of you know, is to simply transfer a ticket from one end of the woods to the other. Sounds simple? It is not this easy. Amongst the woods there are hidden ‘catchers’ that will stop at nothing in order to get your ticket. There are also many trees, barbed wire, bushes and leaves you have to climb through in order to hide from the catches. However, the most important part of ‘Up woods’ is the mud. The mud is a crucial part of the game. No matter how careful you are you are going to be covered head to toe in mud.

The game lasts for around an hour and a half and when the game is over you race to the showers to attempt to remove the mud that has become dried to your legs. Today’s ‘Up Woods’ was no different to any other, other than the fact it had been raining solidly since we all arrived at school.

There were many falls, slips and face plants today, and a few of them were caught on camera. Both Justin and Mr Coates began to take videos whenever they saw an embarrassing opportunity, these videos will be available on the schools Instagram page. Overall the game was very fun even if it was raining the entire time!

Isabella Clements (Year 11)