Unlock your creative block

Are you looking to unlock your creative block? Maybe you are looking for ways to stay motivated with your art? During this time it can be difficult to be motivated or hard to find the materials that are required to complete tasks set for home learning. 

In Art we have set work that hopefully, is easy to access and something different from computer based work. However, if you are finding that you are (or your child is) struggling to get going for whatever reason, we have put together a few ideas, tip and methods to help 

Try an App

These are the top three drawing apps for an Android device and could be used instead of paper.

If you are using n iPad or iPhone . . .

Try tea, coffee or juice

If you have basic art equipment but no paints you could try to encourage your child to explore different ways to make marks on paper. For example, tea, coffee or juice can create a tone.

You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest to help explore. We are also available to give the best guidance we can. It is imperative that we try to accommodate all students and all students continue with their development. Please let us know how we can help you unlock your creative block and find your motivation.

Mr Todd and Miss Mansfield, Fyling Hall Art Studio