Ukraine Charity Appeal – Clothing and Bedding

Ukraine Clothing Appeal

Can you spare good quality second hand clothing, shoes or bedding and bring it to Fyling Hall School on or before 23rd May?

David Cable at Fyling Hall School is coordinating this collection on behalf of John – they served together in the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery. John was in the armed forces for 23 years and has taken it upon himself to deliver aid to Ukraine. He collects and stores donated items and then uses his own van and fuel to drive donated goods to Ukraine.

John will be in North Yorkshire in May to collect any items you can spare and we are appealing for you to bring in any clothing  (all ages), shoes, trainers and blankets/sleeping bags. These items are desperately needed.

Please bring items to school in a bag clearly marked for Ukrainian Clothing Appeal by 23rd May. Please ensure items are clean and folded and please do not just throw in any old items …… one trainer, clothes with holes in, underwear and things that are just not wearable as these can not be delivered and take up valuable space and time to sort out.

There will be a collection bin by the main entrance (weather dependent) or items can be delivered directly to David Cable via the main school office.

More About John and The Clothing Appeal for Ukraine

by David Cable

John joined the army at 16 years of age and after completing his basic training he was posted to the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and served with myself. Unfortunately, whilst serving he had an accident and was close to being medically discharged.

However, a position came up in the regiments tailors’ shop where he was trained and eventually became the Master Tailor. He completed 23 years’ service.

When he retired from the armed forces, he set up his own tailoring business in his bedroom. Unable to maintain the amount of work coming in,  he quickly had to rent a bigger unit and take on more staff. He now has 12 tailors shops, employs approx 40 staff and has a lot of the military contracts for military bases down South.

John has also been awarded The Royal Warrant and maintains the uniforms for Royal members and the Royal Mews Staff.

John does a lot of work for charity and he has taken it upon himself to start delivering aid to Ukraine. He makes appeals for donations, collects all the donated items and stores them at one of his units.

Once enough items have been collected, he travels right into the war zone, under military escort, and personally delivers the items to refugees and war-stricken families.

We are delighted to be supporting this cause and hope that many. of you will be able to help. If you would like to know more please get in touch.

Thank you!

Ukraine Donation Charity Appeal
Ukraine Donation Charity Appeal
Ukraine Donation Charity Appeal
Ukraine Donation Charity Appeal
Ukraine Donation Charity Appeal