Girls’ First Hockey Tournament

On Thursday it was the Under 12 Partnership Hockey Tournament, 7 a side, at Lady Lumley’s School. Three very excited Year 6 pupils, Bella, Mabel and Sarah were included in the team. They came a very respectable 4th out of 6 and were only ever beaten by 1 goal.
“I played in goal, it was quite nerve wracking, but I was comforted by my team mates when I’d missed the ball” said Bella, who, according to Mr Coates, Head of Games, did an amazing job. Mr Coates came to our assembly and presented the girls with their Golden Book certificates and some chocolate, for playing so well in their first tournament. He said he hoped it would be the first of many appearances in the team and encouraged them to aim high.
Mabel, who played on the left wing, was quite nervous initially but “as soon as Olivia scored the first goal I got really excited! We won the last game 3-0!”
Sarah also enjoyed the last game and was pleased that she was able to “out run the other left wing.”
Congratulations girls on a job well done!