On Wednesday, a group of 6th formers attended a ‘Culture Evening’, where they were shown the recently released film of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, starring Stephen Fry as Malvolio.

The critically acclaimed stage performance was filmed live at The Globe Theatre in London. It is unusual in its interpretation as it was an ‘original practices’, all male production: as close to the original version that Shakepeare would have seen staged in 1601, around the time when it was first written.

In order to help to create the appropriate atmosphere, the pupils were asked to attend the film night wearing something yellow, in homage to one of the most famous scenes from the play. They were also supplied with Elizabethan themed nibbles: cheeses, homemade hummus, beetroot and Florence fennel with pomegranate salad, baba ghanoush and fruitcake.

Thank you to Mr Husband, Mrs Wormald and Miss Rowland for sharing their impressive culinary skills with us all.