We have now collected all of our sponsorship money, and I’m amazed at the amount that our students raised by doing the Boxing Day Dip. We have collected a fantastic £663! A percentage of this will go to the Whitby Lions who organise the dip and support our local community, with the rest going to our chosen charity, Scotty’s Little Soldiers. A big thank you and well done to Michael McCormack, Danielle Halley, George Reeves, Sarah Trowsdale, Kate Lavery, Susie Gaffney, Anabelle McMahon, Robert Campbell, Jack Halley, Will Purvis ,and not forgetting all those who supported us on the day.

Miss Walker

Boxing Day 1Former pupils who come back to visit Fyling Hall quite often mention how soft and comfortable pupils have things now – little changes like heating that doesn’t involve felling trees, running water right through the year and cross-country that takes place in the afternoon rather than before breakfast. But we’re sure that even the hardiest of them would have been proud of the group of teachers and pupils who took part in the Boxing Day Dip in Whitby this Christmas. Miss Walker, who did the organising and took part herself, reports as follows:

“On the morning of the 26th December, a few of us brave (or slightly mad) resident northerners decided to accept the challenge of entering the Boxing Day Dip in Whitby. Having made our way down to the Bandstand at some ridiculous time of the morning – and passing a lorry gritting the Boxing Day 2roads on route, we registered our commitment to the cause and prepared ourselves for the impending task. As there was a high tide, we stood patiently (and shivered) on the slip way whilst the seaweed was cleared and the lifeguards entered the water to ensure our safety. Then, at the count of three, almost 160 of us ran into the sea (10 being from school). It certainly took our breath away! A huge well done to all those who entered – here’s to next year?”

Many congratulations to Miss Walker and the intrepid students who took part (and thanks to Mrs Banks for shore-side support). The students were raising money for Scotty’s Little Soldiers, which is dedicated to supporting the children of men and women killed whilst serving in the British Armed Forces. If you would like to make a donation, please write to Miss Walker or the Headmaster at school.