“On Monday, Year 9 went on a geography field-trip to Flamborough Head and Bempton Cliffs. The trip consisted of Miss Gilmour, Miss Walker, Matron Sutherland, Mrs Husband and Arthur Green (Year 12). This is looked forward to as one of the best geography trips of the year and thankfully the British weather was on our side.

It gave the pupils a great opportunity to study the formation and erosion of landscapes for themselves, whilst also having a fun time at the beach.

At Flamborough Head the pupils saw examples of coastal erosion and cliff formation and they even had a trip down to the beach to have a paddle and a go at skimming stones!

At Bempton, the pupils managed to get a fantastic view of birds such as gannets, razorbills, fulmars and puffins. The pupils were able to ask many questions about how the birds managed to live in their habitats.  Compared to previous years, this year we had a brilliant turn out of puffins.

All the pupils really enjoyed their day and took away with them a sound knowledge about the topics. Thank you to all the staff who helped on the trip and to the guides at Bempton, who make the trip worth while.”

Arthur Green (Year 12)




Bempton 2015

Bempton 2 2015