To take on Mr Parker’s challenge

Who would be willing to take on Mr Parker’s challenge?

When? Saturday 20th November 2021
Where? Teeside
What? Go-karting

24 intrepid ‘karters’ arrived ready to do battle on the toughest course this side of Stockport! Once kitted out in their racing overalls, balaclavas, gloves and helmets they were geared up and ready to take on Mr Parker’s challenge. He had stated beforehand that he remained undefeated on the track since 2018! The gauntlet was thrown down!

The first group set off and Ryan seemed to be confused at first as to why everyone was going so slow, only to realise afterwards that the group are all led around the track for the first lap so that they get a feel for the track. Once led around they were free to get up to speed and although many got close, Mr Parker had overtaken them all after one lap! Others tried to catch him but to no avail. Timothy seemed fearless at the corners, to the peril of anyone near him.

Then it was the second group’s turn. It would seem that Leonardo thinks he is the next Lewis Hamilton, only to realise that he has some way to go yet! Paloma and Laura had a hairy moment when one tried to overtake the other, only to cause a spin out of the vehicle being overtaken.

As he had predicted, Mr Parker was victorious in both groups, despite their best efforts to hunt him down on the track. Until next time . . .

Adele Gilmour, Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead