“Mrs Park asked me why I love swimming so much. Well the reasons are clear; it is really good way of making new friends, it keeps you fit and it is a skill that can save your life!

The great thing about swimming professionally is that you get to go to swimming galas all over the country. I swim at a club called Loftus Dolphins. The thing I like about my club is that, not like others, it allows you to swim for yourself. This means that you might get a medal in every event you swim in.

At Loftus you can start training at a really young age. First you go through the colour of hats which is red, yellow, orange, and green which is teaching you to swim. Then you can either carry on with the colour hats or you can go to Loftus Dolphins, you then start in improvers and build yourself up. The higher the squads you get the more nights you swim.

The great advantage of swimming is that you get really fit. When I do hockey, netball or cross country I can keep going and not give up. Our coach is very demanding and with his help I quickly improved. Some people who I swim with are at national level!

In the summer I went down to big swimming gala in Leeds. Whilst I was there I met some Olympic divers. These Olympians were three metre spring board divers and they were called Chris Mears and Jack Laugher. These two Olympians got gold in Rio. So there is another reason to start swimming- you get to meet Olympic athletes.

This is why I think more people should swim. I would recommend anyone from all ages to join my club!

Olivia Coates (Year 8)