Time to think about Sixth Form

When your child first starts school, sixth form seems light years away. Yet GCSEs soon come round. Then, by Year 11 it’s time to think about what they might study next and where they will continue their education.

Many factors will influence your decision. . . subjects & timetabling, results, university application, teaching, inspection reports, location, extra-curricular activities, class size, facilities. . .. and the list goes on!

To support you in your decision-making process Fyling Hall School is proud to present A Focus on Sixth Form. We will address the above factors and give a greater insight into Sixth Form life at FHS. This open discussion on Sixth Form Education takes place on on Thursday, 7th November 2019, starting at 6.30pm.  It is primarily targeted at parents and students in Y9 and above.

So that we can best anticipate numbers, please kindly contact our office on office@fylinghall.org or 01947 880 353. Please note that this evening is open to all parents and appropriately aged students including those at FHS and those not. Should you know anyone else who would benefit, please do extend our invitation.