Thought provoking Geography

How about this for a thought provoking geography question? Never one to shy from the big questions, Miss Gilmour, Fyling Hall’s Head of Geography, asked our Sixth Formers to answer . . .

As a geographer, if I could change one thing about the world, it would be . . .

“… illegal and uncontrolled logging because it is the biggest threat to civilisation. How can people cut down and destroy the ‘lungs of the planet?’ Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Believe it or not, this process is a very effective and free way to clean the atmosphere. We need trees. Spread awareness; stop illegal and uncontrolled logging.”

“… to change the amount of fossil fuels used as we only have 40 years of oil left, if we continue to use it at the current rate. But what comes after that? Do we abuse them and use our finite supply or do we use some common sense and change to renewable sources? Many people around the world have changed to this method already and are living just as comfortably as those who are burning fossil fuels. Wind energy is a renewable resource which is essentially harmless but could contribute a massive amount of energy.”

“… global water supplies, as even though there is a limited amount, I believe everyone should have access to clean and healthy water. Polluted water leads to disease which usually results in death and no one should be dying due to poor access to water.”

“… health care because I feel that too many people see it as a luxury when, in reality, it is a necessity. Just because someone is ill or they have caught a disease it doesn’t mean that they should be charged to get treatment. This punishes those that are less fortunate in countries that do not have a healthcare system like ours. Healthcare should be free for all!”

“… to stop the greatest sources of carbon emissions (e.g. coal mining or coal-fired power stations). These could be replaced with renewable energies such as wind or solar power. Cola mining creates about 50% of the annual, global carbon emissions. I think this would be a meaningful step because it would slow down global warming enormously and give us more time to deal with the remaining environmental and social issues connected to climate change.”

How would you answer this thought provoking geography question?

Leonardo contemplates a thought provoking Geography question