This year’s Rotary Club ‘Speak Out’ competition

In our blog a couple of weeks ago we promised that we would let you know how we got on at this year’s Rotary Club ‘Speak Out’ competition, so here is our update.

Fresh from success at the Eskdale Festival, our fabulous teams set out for St Hilda’s Church in Whitby to take part in ‘Speak Out’. There were teams from Ruswarp and Airy Hill, and the church seemed very big once we were standing at the front, but we didn’t let that put us off! Both of our teams, ‘The Fearless Flowers’ and ‘The Royals’, delivered their speeches brilliantly and received massive rounds of applause. There could only be one winner, however, and the winning team was ………’The Royals’! Matilda, Edward and Izzy went up to receive the ‘Speak Out’ shield, and each got a gigantic thesaurus too. Everyone who took part also got a mini dictionary. It was a great experience!

All of the members of the winning team, ‘The Royals’, also got a shield with their names on, and Mike Stones and Bob Cameron from the Rotary Club came and presented them in our assembly, which made it extra special. We would like to say a big thank you to the Rotary Club for organising the competition.

“I felt very confident but a tiny bit scared. It was a good experience.” 


“At the start, I felt very nervous, but as time went on I overcame my fear and I really enjoyed it.”


“I was shaking at the beginning before I went up, but when I got going I relaxed in to it and had a wonderful time.”  


“I was feeling very confident but when I got up there I felt very nervous. Still I performed as well as I could.”


“I felt flabbergasted at the beginning but when I stood up in front of every one I felt a flash of excitement and it was a great experience.”


“When it was my group’s turn I was very scared and excited at the same time, then when I was speaking I just felt excited. If I had to rate ‘Speak Out’ I would give it 9 and three quarters.”


The ‘Speak Out’ teams

Needless to say, we are very proud of all who took part in this year’s Rotary Club ‘Speak Out’ competition.