This term, although a little different, has been great!

So this term, although a little different, has been great! We have all been busy and our wonderful staff have been working their socks off. The most important thing though is that the children are happy. Hearing the hub bub around Fyling Hall is music to my ears. We have that warm and fuzzy feeling back!

The boarders have had loads of fun! From pool competitions, pamper evenings (with face masks that wouldn’t come off), quizzes, going to the beach, croquet, Bonfire night in the woods with hot choc, marshmallows and sparklers, bike rides, I could go on and on.

However, an entertaining moment this term was the organising of a sunrise walk. So, some of us got up very early to march up the hill to the top of Sledgates. It was windy and rather cold but we trudged on. We stood up on that glorious hill looking down at the most spectacular view waiting for the moment the sun was going to rise in all its splendour… I, however hadn’t seen the forecast for that morning. So all we got sight of was a little blob of orange the heavens opened and the fog descended on us. I couldn’t help but laugh. We all did! I said to my boarders, “It’s OK. I know we haven’t seen the sun, but we do get a cooked breakfast.”

Myself and Mr Mayne stayed over the half term break. We all had a great time. Race nights, chocolate bingo, kayaking, Escape Rooms in Whitby. We experienced what it was like to be at a techno disco organised by Steph and Ulyana. Mr Parker and I showed off our dance moves in lab coats. Mine dating back to the shuffle with arm rave movements from the 90’s. Big fish, Little fish, Card Board Box…I know some of you will know the moves!

We have been thoroughly entertained and have had the most amazing term back! To top it off, we had our Boarders Christmas weekend. It’s just so lovely, we all dress up in our best, have an amazing roast and play games. We made Mince Pies, the Sixth Form made Mulled Wine, Wreaths were made and the dining room was glammed up. It was like a real family Christmas and is just special. This is what truly sets us apart.

Writing this has made me a little emotional, I’m just so happy to have our children back and our houses filled with noise and laughter. It makes you realise that Fyling Hall is not just a school, it’s not just a place, it’s a family, a family filled with love.

I send you all my love, lots of hugs and I hope that you all have the most wonderful Christmas. I can’t wait to see you all in the New Year xxxx

Miss Emma Anders, Head Matron